• May 03, 2020

This Sunday, 3 May, is Vocations or Good Shepherd Sunday, the dedicated annual day for Catholics around the world to offer special prayers to encourage vocations from families and parishes to the priesthood and to religious life. The Holy Father asks us to find courage to say ‘yes’ to God.  We pray that all who are being called to the religious life will have that courage to say ‘yes’ to God`s call!”

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  • April 26, 2020

Reflection - 3rd Sunday Easter

Jesus Christ, healer of all, walk with us and stay with us during this time of uncertainty and bring us your peace. Amen

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  • April 18, 2020

Gospel Reflections for 2nd Sunday of Easter

Poor Thomas! Since this amazing event took place, Thomas has been renamed ‘doubting Thomas!’ And maybe we too quickly dismiss him for this doubting and apparent lack of faith. But on the other hand, he is really a very good role model for all us for genuine seeing and believing. Our faith and believing ultimately cannot be based on hearsay, blind acceptance or what others have seen and believed, valid as this may be for them. Our believing during this Easter season and our whole life must be grounded in a deep and personal encounter with Christ. The life of the risen Jesus is now within us and helps us to put aside our fears and doubts so that we can experience his peace, which is his gift to us and the whole church. The resurrection not only changed the world, it made all the difference in the world! Fear is overcome by peace; doubt is transformed into a great acclamation of faith and sin is defeated by forgiveness. Today let us like Thomas reach out in faith to the risen Christ and offer our prayer in faith and hope, My Lord and my God.

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  • April 11, 2020

Love Overcame

 Love overcame emerging from a cold tomb all the truth, majesty and creativity of a living God. Transforming a broken heart making a quiet return, in a still and sorrowful garden. The gravestone rolled away, to release redemptive love. Jesus resurrected and restored comforts a weeping woman, speaks with travellers on a journey, meets with his faithful friends and they bow down before Christ alive and acknowledged that the Saviour has arrived that the word of God has come alive and that the extraordinary transformation of heaven and earth is complete.



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Holy Week Schedule

  • April 04, 2020

Palm Sunday St John’s Cathedral
5th of April 3.00—4.00pm Holy Hour: Christians joining in Prayer.

Holy Week St John’s Cathedral
Monday   6th April 3.00pm. Prayer for the sick, the dying, the deceased and the bereaved.

Tuesday  7th April 3.00pm. Prayer for Healthcare personal and those working in essential services.

Wednesday  8th April 3.00pm. Prayer with Women and Men Religious of the Diocese.

Thursday  9th April 3.00pm. Renewal of Priestly Promises.

Each of these prayer moments will be led by Bishop Brendan Leahy

Holy Thursday   Mass of the Lord’s Supper 5.45pm.

Good Friday   Celebration of the Lord’s Passion 3.00pm.

Good Friday  Stations of the Cross 6.00pm.

Holy Saturday  The Easter Vigil 8.30pm.

Easter Sunday    Mass 10.30am. and 12.00


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  • April 04, 2020

Lent Week 6 - Short reflection

The passion and death of Jesus has a message for our own lives. It teaches us that, like Jesus, we can give as much to others in times of weakness as in times of strength. We too can reveal God's love to others as much in times of enforced passivity as in times of activity.

In these days of enforced passivity how am I showing love?

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Church Closure

  • March 29, 2020

Due to the current Coronavirus (Covid19) outbreak we regret to inform you that the Cathedral will remain closed for the foreseeable future.   We have made this decision in the best interest of all our parishioners and visitors.  We will continue to celebrate mass behind closed doors (no congregation) Monday - Friday at 5.45pm,  Saturday (Vigil Mass) at 6pm and Sunday's at 10.30am and 12 noon. These can be viewed via our webcam.

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