• June 02, 2020


Friday 5th June to Saturday 13th June 2020

Our Novena to St Anthony will be live on


Mass Times

Weekdays 10am & 5.45pm

Saturday 10am & 6pm

Sunday 10.30am & 12 noon.

Feast Day 10am & 6pm


The Cathedral will be closed during these Mass times.

The Cathedral will be open for private prayer

At St Anthony’s Shrine

From 11am to 2pm Monday to Saturday

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Come Holy Spirit

Come, Spirit, of the Father and of the Son. Come, Spirit of love, Spirit of sonship, Spirit of peace, of faith, of strength, of holy joy. Come secret joy, into the tears of the world. Come victory-rich life, into the death of the earth.

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They look to the sky,

but Jesus is to be found in the Christian Community, in the heart of the believer. 

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  • May 13, 2020


The Cathedral will be Re-Opening on May 18th. As you know, the Government has indicated May 18th as the next date of the lifting of restrictions. The re-opening of the Cathedral is just for private visits.  

There will be No Organised Prayer moments while the Cathedral is open. 

  • It is not enough simply to re-open the cathedral. We will continue to take steps in promoting good public health safeguards. The Cathedral will be open Monday to Saturday between 11 am and 2 pm.
  • Hand Sanitisers will be available in appropriate locations in the Cathedral.
  • Entrance and Exit: The doors will be designated as entrance and exit.
  • Signage: There will be signs to remind people of social distancing, hand hygiene, minimum touching of surfaces etc..
  • Cleaning:  Measures will be put in place to ensure that surfaces are cleaned each day.
  • Designated Area It is important that you do not go beyond the roped off area. 

It is important we follow these instructions if the Cathedral is to be kept open.  

Masses will continue for now to be celebrated behind closed doors

The Government has indicated July 20th as the date when small public celebrations may begin.

 We are grateful that we can take this first step in re-opening the Cathedral. It has been a painful time for people not to be able to visit and say a prayer, so this is good news. 

Let us remember one another in prayer.

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